Baby Boy Blanket

I found myself with some baby free time today, so I decided I needed to get busy on a gift for one of my coworkers who is due in January with twin boys.  I went to Joann Fabrics yesterday and bought some adorable baby boy fabric (and some girly flannel too, you never I might need it, and at $2.99/yd I couldn’t pass it up).  I’m planning on making her two blankets and some burp cloths.  I only got one blanket done today because that minky fabric is kind of a pain to work with, but it’s so soft and cuddly.  The minky fabric I got is white and ribbed, a blue and red nautical pattern, and a coordinating blue and white circle pattern. These blankets are super easy and oh so cuddly!

First cut your fabric to whatever size you want your blanket to be plus seam allowances.  The minky fabric I got was 58″ wide and I bought one yard so each of my blankets are going to be 29″x36″.  I also rounded the corners of my blanket, but that’s totally optional.  If you want square corners, go for it.  Then iron your fabric (as you can see I took the picture before I ironed, oops).


The next step is put right sides together of your fabric and pin into place.  Like I said earlier minky fabric is hard to work with because it moves around a lot and you’ll think you’ve got it all lined up and pinned into place then when you pick the pieces up, it will get all wonky.  A little frustrating, but nothing you can’t handle.


Sew around the edges making sure to leave a couple inches unsewn to be able to turn the blanket right side out.



Turn the blanket right side out and press the seams.  Next pin the opening.


Topstitch around the whole blanket making sure to sew close the opening all the way.


And you’re done!  I love this simple, cute blanket.  Now I need to get busy on the other blanket, since she’s having twins one blanket won’t do her much good!



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