Burp Cloths with Coverage!


I wish I had known about these burp cloths when Cora was little.  Luckily for me, she didn’t often have major spit up episodes, but still I think these would be awesome to have.  They are contoured to fit around your neck and are a great size, not too big and definitely not too small.  I made these as part of a gift for a coworker who is having twin boys.  They are super quick, each only takes about 15ish minutes to make, here is the pattern I used.  I used flannel on one side (remember my $2.99/yd flannel I scored from Joann a couple weeks ago?) and terry cloth on the other.  I loved picking out little boy patterns.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pink, girly stuff, but it was fun picking out blue and green fabric.  You could use flannel on both sides, cotton and flannel, cotton and terry cloth, any combination you would prefer.  I love these burp cloths, they are so easy for beginners and still offer the thoughtfulness of a handmade gift!





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