Orange Infused Vinegar


Up until a couple years ago I never gave much thought to the cleaning products I bought or how much I spent on them.  Every couple months on one of my trips to Target I would buy a bottle of Lysol surface cleaner and be on my way.  Then I started getting interested in green cleaning products, but as some of you may now they are fairly pricey compared to conventional cleaners.  So I forked over even more money for a product I was trusting a big company to guarantee was good for my family and the environment.  But I still couldn’t pronounce the ingredients on the bottle.  So, I started looking in cleaning with vinegar.

Wow, who knew all the amazing uses for vinegar?!  I always just assumed it was mainly used for canning and I had a small bottle of it waaaay back in one of my cabinets.  And I started cleaning with it.  At first I used essential oils mixed with vinegar and water to create a cleaner that would have a pleasant smell.  But part of the reason I switched to cleaning with vinegar was to save money, and essential oils are not cheap.  Yes, the bottle lasts a long time, but I wanted to try a recipe that didn’t require a big up front cost.  So here’s how I make orange infused vinegar for surface cleaning.

All you need are two ingredients.  Yep, that’s it vinegar and a couple of oranges.  I bought this huge bottle of vinegar for around $2 (on sale plus a coupon) and these two oranges for $.76.


Peel two oranges and put the peels in a Mason jar.  Pour vinegar over the peels and fill up the jar (If you have a monster jar, only fill it up halfway).  Put the lid on the jar and store for two weeks.  Eat your oranges and smile, you just made super cheap cleaner!  In two weeks pour the vinegar into a spray water and fill the rest of the bottle up with water.  It smells awesome and does a great job cleaning!



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