Thanksgiving Dress


I love the fall and I especially love Thanksgiving.  Who doesn’t, right?  I mean you get to eat awesome food and hang out with your family!  We will all be spending lots of time this week getting ready for Turkey Day, but here’s one of the things off my to do list before Thanksgiving Day.  I love making little girl dresses, they are so much fun!  Remember the headband I made a few days ago?  It’s going to be worn with this dress.  I followed the tutorial for this dress on Prudent Baby.  I’ll include my pictures because there were a couple small changes I made.

For this dress you will need 1 yard of fabric, coordinating thread, and 1/4″ elastic.  I used an adorable Riley Blake  brown chevron fabric, it seemed to fall-ish.

In the original tutorial, the measurements were for a 2T dress.  My little girl is still in 18 months clothes, so I had to alter the measurements a bit.  I used a dress she already had to get the measurements, but I used the pattern shape included in the tutorial.  This pink dress I used is getting a little short on my tall girl, so I added some extra length to the pattern.  Don’t forget to account for seam allowances.



Here is what my pattern pieces looked like when cut out.


If you can’t read the measurements for the body the top measurement is 4.5″, the bottom is 10″ and the length is 19″.  The arm piece is 4.5″ x 14″.  Cut two pieces of each piece placing the edge that says fold on the fold of your fabric.  Here are the pieces once you cut them out.


Stack the two dress pieces and stack the two arm pieces.  We are going to cut arm holes out.  First cut a J shape out of the dress pieces on the open edge.


Place the arm pieces under the dress pieces and cut the same J shape out of the arm pieces on the open edge.


Open one dress piece and lay flat, right side up.  Open one arm piece of line up the arm holes with the right side facing down.


Sew along the arm hole and zig zag stitch the edge to finish the seam.


Do the same thing with the other arm piece on the same dress piece.


The dress will now look like this.


Now sew the other dress piece to each of the arm pieces so that the dress looks like this.


Turn the dress right side out and you will notice the top of the dress is uneven.


Fold the dress long ways and cut the top to be even.



Now you will sew up the sides of your dress.  Pin together the sides of the dress and the arm pieces.  Start at the end of the sleeve and sew a continuous seam until you reach the hem.  Zig zag stitch to finish the seam and sew up the other side.  Hem the bottom of the dress.

For the neckline turn the fabric up 1/8″ and press, then turn up again 3/4″ and press.  Sew 1/8″ in from the top edge all the way around.  Sew 1/8″ in the from the bottom edge, but do not sew all the way around.  Leave a hole to feed the elastic through.


For the elastic around the neck I used 14″ of 1/4″ elastic.  Mark the length on your elastic, but do not cut the elastic.  Pin a safety pin on the end and feed the elastic around the neck.  Don’t take the safety pin off until you are ready to sew the elastic together.  I made this mistake and my elastic got sucked back into the neck and I had to pull the elastic out and re-feed it.  Use zig zag stitching to sew the elastic together and cut off the excess.  Then top stitch the opening closed.

For the wrists, I only sewed 1/8″ in from the bottom and I used 4.5″ of elastic.  I can’t wait to put it all together with the headband, white cable knit tights, and brown Mary Janes!




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