Casserole Dish Carrier

I found this tutorial for a casserole dish carrier on Pinterest (of course) and had to make it.  It was always a pain for me to transport casserole dishes because I didn’t have a carrier.  Well now I do!  I got this awesome fabric from Hancock Fabrics on clearance for $3.59/yd!  Also should I mention that the colors in this fabric are my favorite color combinations?  I love love love pink and orange together (they were my wedding colors) and I am always really drawn to these colors, especially for summer dresses for Cora.  I was super excited when I found it on the red tag table because let’s be honest, there’s not always the most beautiful stuff on that table.  But every once in a while you find a gem like this, so it never hurts to look.    I got some matching solid cotton fabric to match for the lining and I used white belting for the handles based on this modification.  I also recommend Jill’s suggestion of lengthening one piece to account for the handles on a Pyrex.  I followed the original tutorial and it was a tight fit, so I will be doing the longer length next time.  The original tutorial can be found here.  I might try to modify the pattern to create a square carrier to carry my Corningware dishes.  That’s a project for another day though.  I will definitely be making some of these for Christmas presents this year!

Happy sewing!


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