Boxy Makeup Bag


I just have a quick post for everyone tonight, things have been busy this weekend with all the eating, shopping, and family time!  On Thanksgiving Day as I was getting ready I started digging through my makeup bag looking for some eyeshadow.  As I my fingers got covered in the shimmery film that was coating the items in the bottom of the bag, I realized that I had been using the same makeup bag for probably eight years.  And there was makeup down in the bottom of the bag that might have been there that long too…

So I decided it’s time for a new bag for my makeup.  I know you all know how it goes, you think “oh I will get around to that…” and it never happens.  So I took a proactive step and threw away the bag and the old makeup hanging out down in the bottom of it, so now my makeup was just floating around in the top drawer of the bathroom vanity.  And I vowed to make myself a new makeup bag this weekend.  I found this great tutorial and used it.  The steps are very clear and easy to follow.  And here’s my confession, I’ve never sewn a zipper before.  I haven’t been seriously sewing for very long, but for some reason I have always been intimidated by zippers.  Not anymore!  I dug the zipper foot out for my machine and discovered there was nothing to be worried about!  It really was easy!  Here are some more pictures of this fabulous, boxy bag!




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