15 Christmas Crafts Under $15: Project 9, Christmas Card Holder



In past years when I’ve gotten Christmas cards, one of two things would happen; I would either let them sit in a pile until after Christmas and then feel bad I didn’t put them up, or I would randomly tape them around the full length mirror on our basement door.  So I decided this year I needed something a little more organized, nicer looking, and higher up that little hands couldn’t get too.  In our living room we have a set of two windows that are higher up than standard windows and our TV sits in front of these windows.  I decided this would be the perfect place for a card holder because they would be visible (being right above the TV) and out of reach.  This might be the easiest of all the Christmas projects in this series.  All I did was cut the ribbon, attach it to the window sill, and clip my cards to the ribbon!  The ribbon was $.89, and the clothespins were around $1.50.  I bought a package a long time ago for another project and I had quite a few left over.







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