15 Christmas Crafts Under $15: Project 2, Berries Monogram

Hello all, day 2 of 15 Christmas Crafts Under $15 is here!  Today I have a very awesome monogram to hang on a door, cabinet, or mirror for you.  I found this while browsing Pinterest and loved it!  Mine ended up looking a little different because I bought a different kind of berries.  Here are the ones I got:



I got all of my supplies at Michael’s.  I ended up using four stalks of berries total.  All you do is snip the berries off and then hot glue them to your letter, it’s that easy!  I would recommend trying to find smaller berries than I used because I ended up having the do two layers in some places since my berries were so big, there were some gaps left and you could see the black letter underneath.  I decided not to use this on my front door because the letter is a little too small, and the berries are about the same color as my door, so you could barely see it from the sidewalk!  I haven’t found the perfect spot for it yet, but I’m still looking.  Here is the finished product:



I got the berries on sale for $.99 each, so $3.96 for the berries.  The ribbon was $4.99 and the letter was $3.99.  I had a 15% off coupon, so with that and tax the total for this project was $11.66.  You could do it way cheaper if you already had the ribbon or if you got it on sale for a better deal than I did this time (I was at Joann today and they have their Christmas ribbon 70% off!).  See you tomorrow for another exciting Christmas craft!