15 Christmas Crafts Under $15: Project 8, Homemade Snowglobe


Christmas is getting closer!  I am so excited about this project because I love mason jars of any kind.  So here is a tutorial for a homemade snowglobe in a mason jar.  Here’s what you need:

Glass jar

Miniature tree or figurine

E6000 glue or crazy glue

Distilled water



The tutorial I had seen online for a snowglobe said that you could find glycerin at Walgreen’s, CVS, etc.  So I looked at several drug stores, Kroger and Target for glycerin and every place I looked I got a crazy look when I asked for glycerin.  They said “what’s that?”  I thought I was going to have to give up on my snowglobe, until I happened to read that glycerin is also used in baking.  So I looked at Hobby Lobby, and lo and behold there is was, and for a lot cheaper than Amazon or CVS’s website was selling it for.  So my suggestion would be look in the baking aisle at a craft store, you’re more likely to find it there than a drug store.

First you  need to glue your tree or figure to the lid of the jar.  I used E6000 glue, but you could also use crazy glue if you already have that.  Let the glue sit for 24 hours (I wouldn’t rush this step since the glue will be submerged in water you want to make sure it is good and tight).  I got my miniature tree from the Dollar Tree and I didn’t notice until after I got home how crooked they were, so look for the straightest trees you can find.


After the glue has set for 24 hours, fill up your jar with distilled water, add a dash of glycerin and some glitter.  You know that frustrating feeling when you know you have something, but just can not find it?  I had that feeling with this project.  I know I have white glitter somewhere in the disaster zone that is my crafting area, but I couldn’t find it.  So I ended up using pink.  I like how it turned out, so it was fine I couldn’t find the white, but man was it frustrating.  Once you have added the water, glycerin, and glitter to the jar, insert the tree and screw on the ring.  I ended up having to add some more water to my snowglobe because there was a big gap at the top.  I was afraid it would overflow when I inserted the tree, so I added a little at a time.

My daughter really loved watching the glitter drift down to the bottom.  She really wanted to do it herself, but mommy supervised with this one, I did not want to spend my evening cleaning glitter up off the floor!

For this project I spent $.99 on glitter, $1.49 on the glass jar, $.50 on the tree, $1.49 on the glycerin, and $.89 on the distilled water.  So the grand total for this adorable homemade snowglobe was $5.36.  I think these would make awesome gifts, and you could make tons of snowglobes out of one bottle of distilled water and glycerin!






15 Christmas Crafts Under $15: Projects 4 and 5

I’m sorry I missed yesterday, I had a very busy day after work yesterday.  So today I have two projects for you to make up for it!  The first is a felt tree for toddlers to play with.  As soon as I saw this idea, I knew I needed to do it.  If you have a young child (or two) around your house, your tree is probably like mine.  It looked so nice that first night I put up all the ornaments after the little one went to sleep.  But she had other plans.  This hasn’t completely stopped my little girl from trying to redecorate the tree, but she has really loved this felt tree.  She is 16 months, so she still has a little trouble getting the ornaments to stick on, but for the most part she can do it herself.  Just be warned, cats loved this toy too…


I used a half a yard of felt which was on sale for $2.99/yd and approximately 6 sheets of felt that were $.34 each.  So my grand total for this awesome quiet toy was $3.52!

The next project I have for you all is an ornament wreath.  I have wanted one of these for a couple years, and I decided to try to make my own this year.  It really was easy.  Here is a great tutorial for how to make this simple wreath.

Here are the supplies you will need to start with:


I used ten packages of ornaments from the dollar store which ended up being around 70 ornaments.  The hanger I already had and the ribbon I got on sale for $1.99.  So my total for this wreath that would was $11.99!  I do wish I had stuck with only gold and silver or silver and red ornaments, rather than all the different colors, but I had a cranky toddler with me and was trying to very quickly get my supplies and get out of the dollar store!




15 Christmas Crafts Under $15: Project 2, Berries Monogram

Hello all, day 2 of 15 Christmas Crafts Under $15 is here!  Today I have a very awesome monogram to hang on a door, cabinet, or mirror for you.  I found this while browsing Pinterest and loved it!  Mine ended up looking a little different because I bought a different kind of berries.  Here are the ones I got:



I got all of my supplies at Michael’s.  I ended up using four stalks of berries total.  All you do is snip the berries off and then hot glue them to your letter, it’s that easy!  I would recommend trying to find smaller berries than I used because I ended up having the do two layers in some places since my berries were so big, there were some gaps left and you could see the black letter underneath.  I decided not to use this on my front door because the letter is a little too small, and the berries are about the same color as my door, so you could barely see it from the sidewalk!  I haven’t found the perfect spot for it yet, but I’m still looking.  Here is the finished product:



I got the berries on sale for $.99 each, so $3.96 for the berries.  The ribbon was $4.99 and the letter was $3.99.  I had a 15% off coupon, so with that and tax the total for this project was $11.66.  You could do it way cheaper if you already had the ribbon or if you got it on sale for a better deal than I did this time (I was at Joann today and they have their Christmas ribbon 70% off!).  See you tomorrow for another exciting Christmas craft!

15 Christmas Crafts Under $15: Project 1, Yarn Wrapped Trees

I’ve been a little MIA this week I know.  If you recall in my last post I was home with a sick baby last Monday, well guess who got it next?  So I have spent this week resting up and preparing for an awesome series I’ve planned for you all.  I am spending the next 15 days posting a new Christmas project each day that is $15 or less.  So I’m calling it my 15 Christmas Crafts Under $15 series!  I love decorating for Christmas, but decorations are not cheap.  And if you’re like me, you probably see things in stores, and think, hmm I could make that.  Why pay $20 for something you could make for just a couple of bucks?  So here’s my list of Christmas projects you can do on the cheap (by the way, most of these projects cost way less that $15!)  As I’ve probably said before I love Pinterest.  I wish it was my job to get paid to pin things all day long (I would totally be rich, haha).  Some of these projects are ones you can find on Pinterest.  A couple are some originals I have thought up, and a couple are my spin on some projects I’ve found on Pinterest.

Enter our first Christmas Craft: the yarn wrapped tree!



I love the way yarn looks wrapped around things, I’m not sure what it is about it I love, but I think it looks great.  Here is how you make these cute, easy trees.

First you need to make the base.  You can buy styrofoam cones, but since this series is all about doing things cheaply, I made my own cones out of cardstock and a paper plate.  I used hot glue to secure the cones.  Eek, excuse the mess on the table in the background!!



Next add a line of hot glue near the tip of the tree along the seam.  Then place the end of your yarn on this line of glue.



Then begin wrapping your yarn.  You may need to add a little more hot glue to the tip to get the yarn to stay in place while you begin wrapping.  As I went down the tree, every 10 rows or so I would add a dot of hot glue to help keep the yarn in place.  Then once you get to the bottom, hot glue the yarn all the way around the last row on the tree.  The first tree I did, I lined up the yarn neatly, but then while I was gluing around the bottom, the top half got loosened and shifted a bit.  While the nice, tightly wrapped look is nice, I actually liked the way the loosened, messier part looked (you can see the smallest tree is the one where this happened; the top is loose, and the bottom in neat and tight).  So on the next two I didn’t worry about staying lined up when I wrapped the yarn, I just made sure you couldn’t see the white anywhere.  You could make as many of these little cute trees and set them up along a mantle (I don’t have one, boo).  I think this would also look cute with some of that fancy yarn with fibers sticking out of it.  I’m not a knitter, so I don’t know that official name for that yarn.


So here’s the breakdown on price.  I already had the cardstock and paper plate so that was free (you could also use a cereal box broken down, anything with a little bit of structure to it).  I had to buy the yarn because I didn’t have any colors that would work.  Joann had the skeins I used on sale for 2 for $5, plus I used a 15% off coupon.  So my grand total for this project was $4.25, although if you already have yarn, it could be free!  It doesn’t use much yarn at all, so you could use leftovers you had from another project.

See you tomorrow for the next Christmas Craft Under $15!